New Bracelets!

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 These are the newest bracelets made with leather cord!


It’s The Little Things

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Last year, in the interest of experimentation and, ok, maybe saving a little money, I actually dug my Dahlia tubers. I carefully tucked them into crates of sawdust in a cool dark place for the winter. I know I was supposed to check onthem at least once or twice during the winter but somehow I never got around to that. To add to the problem I was slow to get the garden started this year. By the time I unpacked them again they had either rotted or dried up. I was only able to salvage twelve tubers out of three crates! I cut my losses and planted them. Then I prayed for them.

Only two out of the twelve began to grow and I really began to think I was not going to have any Dahlias in my garden for the first time in many years. I could not give up that easily. If flowers are food for the soul then Dahlias are the main course for me! I went to Wally World (aka Wal Mart) and bought whatever was left. I am so glad I did. The results are amazing. The red one took first place at the little flower show here in Shrewsbury, but the one I appreciated the most was the yellow one. It opened on the morning of the show. It felt like a gift straight from heaven to remind me that God loves me and is interested even in the silly little things in my life…like a small, hometown flower show.


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Ahhh! I have redeemed my garden from the weeds and I am now enjoying the fruits of my labor by spending a little time in the hammock.

The weather here has been amazing lately. Beautiful fluffy white clouds against blue skies; IMG_0271bucolic is the word for it. Even the two days I spent pulling all of the weeds that had accumulated were beautiful. It was time well spent. The garden never fails to lift my spirits especially when it looks this good.

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